Rebranding to Ezzy’s (water is fun)!

As per the beginning of 2019 the International activities under the Dutch parent company Drie Essen will be branded under the registered name Ezzy’s.

As Drie-Essen is already active in 5 countries and busy with preparing the possible introduction in Germany the question for a rebranding came up more and more. In order to better reflect all that we stand for a new brand was created called Ezzy’s. Ezzy’s is based on our seahorse ‘mascotte’. This fresh brand allows for easier international brand awareness and communication, taking our entire company to the next level.

Together with Ezzy’s (the seahorse) we introduce 2 friends, Jax and Flo. Around the unique Ezzy’s islands concept both Ezzy’s, Jax and Flo experience lots of adventures. All with the aim to learn swimming at the most fun and most safe way.