Business partners

“Coming together is beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success”
(Henry Ford)

We believe in TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More). The key of the International success of Ezzy’s is both the passion and dedication together with the same beliefs when it comes to Fun learning. Yes, we demand high quality standards with Ezzy’s. But in return we do get the best ratings from our customers. And in the end, this results in the best possible business results.

Kim Goris (sportpromotor, Beerse, Belgium)

From the very beginning, we were charmed by the completeness and thoughtfulness of the whole concept. The story fits from A to Z and offers a complete answer to everything that swimming education should contain.
In every phase and at every moment, in addition to the content, attention has also been paid to the polite story.

“The story fits from A to Z and offers a complete answer to everything…”

What particularly appealed to us was the focus on fun & experience-based learning, so children don’t really feel like they’re participating in swimming lessons. We start our lessons at a very young age with children who have little experience with ‘school’ situations.
A number of children found the lessons rather boring and annoying. With the implementation of the Ezzy’s story, we notice a clearly increased perception and ‘fun’ experience among the children. 

Gijs van de Kam (manager, Drie Essen, Netherlands)

Ezzy’s is the ideal partner if you have a passion for good swimming education. It is a professional organization with a unique approach to modern swimming education. Learning to swim and having fun go hand in hand in their approach. This not only creates great joy for the children but also for the teachers.

“Ezzy’s is the ideal partner if you have a passion for good swimming education”

Within this method, children learn in a playful way to apply the swimming techniques in recognizable practical situations. This ensures a high level of swimming safety for the children both now and in the future. Ezzy’s ensures happy children, satisfied parents and a challenging but fun job for teachers with a passion for good swimming education.

Merethe Lindgren (instructor, Porsgrunn Svømmeskole, Norway)

The Ezzy’s concept is a really great concept that teaches children how to swim.
The organization-tools, really help us. With this method children achieve a high level of activity, everybody is having fun and each child learns at their own pace. This, in turn, allows instructors to teach large groups but at the same time give each individual child personal attention and instructions.

“The Ezzy’s concept is a really great concept…”

The Ezzy’s team responds to emails, phone calls, delivery orders, etc. very professionally. Their service is always the best we could wish for. Their software helps the instructors to find fun activities and assignments, for all the children. Great service!

Carla Wesselius (head of swimming, Bov IF Svømning, Denmark)

What I like about Ezzy’s is the natural way of learning on the children’s level. Ezzy’s is different from other teaching methods because of the joy and happiness provoked by small groups swimming in deep water, the close relation to the teacher in the water and the possibility for every child to learn on its own level and make create its own experiences.

“Our swimming teachers are excited about Ezzy’s”

Our swimming teachers are excited about Ezzy’s. They are in the water, together with the children and the close relation with each child in their swimming group keeps them motivated and happy. Working with Ezzy’s is very pleasant. The people are competent and willing to help (wherever possible) and give advice.