Partner Package

“Coming together is beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success” (Henry Ford)

We believe in TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More). This is the sole reason for the development of our Ezzy’s Business Partner Package.
We started some 10 years ago with our swimming education package together with our proven marketing concepts.

The Ezzy’s Business Partner Package is a complete package. We have all relevant tools, programs, software, knowledge
and people in place in order to make Ezzy’s successful. At the start and when growing to a mature status.

With our team of specialist we always customize the proven package where appropriate to your needs and wishes.
This can differ per country, pool situation, organization and type of partnership.

Ezzy’s Partner Package – Start up:

  • Start-up planning programs for countries, management and pools
  • Ezzy’s start up academy for swimming teachers & management
  • Marketing campaigns & tools for customer acquisition
  • Marketing campaigns & tools for recruiting swimming teachers
  • Experience events for both new customers & new teachers
  • Total Ezzy’s Brandbox (embedding the A-brand) and media package
  • Draft for all relevant legal documents (agreements and contracts)

Ezzy’s Business Partner Package – Programs:

  • Planning formats for all our programs.
  • Internationally recognized EasySwim Diploma
  • Digital teaching tools for all programs (for teachers)
  • Total Ezzy’s product range:
    • Water merchandise
    • Ezzy’s Islands app for children
    • Customer satisfaction survey programs
  • Ezzy’s Academy with all relevant courses for different positions
  • Usage of the unique EasySwim swimming suits as an integral part of the Ezzy’s program

Ezzy’s Business Partner Package – Operating practice:

  • Management Planning & control software and support (Splash Software)
  • Tailor-made support from HQ (periodically)
  • International innovation and quality control platform
  • Draft for all relevant legal documents (agreements and contracts) for further growth (in ownership, franchise or license)