We can talk about Ezzy’s all day but in the end, the only thing that matters is what children and parents think of Ezzy’s.
We continuously conduct customer satisfaction surveys to make sure we know what both parents and children think of our services.
Here you can find a sample of what both parents and children think of Ezzy’s.


Indy M.

I have never have to wear armbands ever again!

What I enjoy most during the swimming lessons at Ezzy's is diving. And when I dive well, that Miss Cindy and all the children are very happy and enthusiastic! We learn a lot of fun things during the swimming lessons such as diving seashells from the bottom of the pool, the backstroke, arms-legs-close (breaststroke) and much more. I also like swimming because Miss Cindy is very sweet and because of her I never have to swim with armbands on every again!

Sandra (mother of Dieke)

We feel very at home and welcome

For almost 10 years we've been coming to Ezzy's Uden every Saturday morning for swimming lessons. We feel very at home and welcome. We feel heard when we have comments or questions about our children's swimming lessons. A professional and transparent swimming school that knows what they are doing and adapts their lessons to the experience of the child. My daughter Dieke sometimes finds it exciting to go to swimming lessons, but once she is there, the fun immediately takes over and she jumps happily into the water.

Sanne (mother of Rowan)

Parents are kept well informed

I gave Ezzy's a rating of 9/10 because Rowan loves going to swimming lessons, it's small-scale, it's really about the fun of swimming and that's what the teacher radiates. The small groups have a positive effect on the children. Through viewing lessons, parents are kept well informed of their child's progress. His teacher (Tom) is really funny but can also be strict if needed, which I think is the perfect combination for a teacher.

Coosje W.

We learn many fun things

I really like swimming lessons at Ezzy's, especially diving and swimming without a float jacket. We learn fun things like diving stuff from the bottom of the pool, backstroke, floating like a starfish, chest crawl and frontflips.

Martijn (father of Dibbe)

The children are always approached positively

I rated Ezzy's 10/10 because the people in the organization and the teachers do what they say. They are very patient with the children, but also know how to give children a little push when they think the child can do better. The children are always approached positively and stimulated with high-fives or a pat on the back. For my son Dibbe the small groups are perfect because that allows for a more personal approach.

Fiene V.

It’s all fun and games!

Swimming lessons at Ezzy's are super fun because we play a lot of fun games in the water together with my friends. We also have a very funny swimming teacher. The most fun part of the swimming lesson is diving to the octopus. We learn lots of things like polo crawl, various jumps, diving and swimming with clothes on.

Bas (father of Lola)

Everything around the lessons is also well organized

We are very pleased with the swimming lesson at Ezzy's. The swimming method fits Lola well, she's always the first one in the water and can't wait to get started. Everything around the lessons (administration, information, website etc.) is also well organized.

Isa O.

You should come too!

I really jumping from the diving board, peddling with my feet underwater and practicing the breaststroke. Swimming at Ezzy's is really fun, you should come too!