Ezzy’s, now also in Germany!

No ordinary swimming lesson, but the safest and most fun swimming lessons. That’s what Ezzy’s has to offer the children from Merten, Kapellen and surroundings. Starting October 2019, children from 4 years of age can come to Ezzy’s for the most fun swimming lessons.

With her successful teaching method and swimming diploma from the Netherlands, Ezzy’s focuses on learning to swim whilst having lots of fun!
Director Roel Driessen: “Water is fun, that’s what we stand for at Ezzy’s. That’s why we offer the best swimming lessons and are focused on trust and commitment. We want children to be safe and enjoy learning to swim. The foundation to a lifetime of swimfun.

Children start directly in deep water with the safety of an EasySwim Pro float suit. Ezzy’s chooses small lesson groups (maximum 6 children) with a regular instructor who mostly teaches from within the water. This way there is a lot of room for personal attention. The children finish the swimming course with the EasySwim Diploma. The children apply all the necessary skills and swimming strokes within 6 practical situations for the highest safety and most fun.